TRANSFORM 2020 has ended
Welcome to the first global, virtual TRANSFORM! The Software Underground is excited to bring you lots of interesting and useful sessions on the digital subsurface. The schedule is still taking shape, but this event is a bit different from most conferences: the sessions are all fully participatory and interactive. Get ready for a conversation!

If you are viewing the schedule on the web, you can select the timezone you wish to see in the menu on the right. In the mobile app, times are shown in UTC.

Martin Bentley

Agile Scientific
digital geoscientist
avatar for Liz Dennett

Liz Dennett

Sr. Partner Solutions Architect
avatar for Brendon Hall

Brendon Hall

avatar for Lindsey Heagy

Lindsey Heagy

UC Berkeley
avatar for Robert Leckenby

Robert Leckenby

Digital Geoscientist
avatar for Thomas Martin

Thomas Martin

Colorado School of Mines
Graduate Student
avatar for Rhodri Nelson

Rhodri Nelson

Imperial College London
avatar for Michael (GeostatsGuy) Pyrcz

Michael (GeostatsGuy) Pyrcz

The University of Texas at Austin
Associate Professor
avatar for Leonardo Uieda

Leonardo Uieda

University of Liverpool
avatar for Miguel de la Varga

Miguel de la Varga

Terranigma Solutions/RWTH Aachen
CEO/ Researcher
avatar for Constantine Vavourakis

Constantine Vavourakis

Solutions Architect